Friday, December 11, 2015

Pleasure Cruise at The Stanford Theater

I'm posting this just a little too late, but Pleasure Cruise actually got a theatrical engagement at the Stanford Theater in Palo Alto. No, really!

Unfortunately, if you understand the concept of dates and time, you've missed it.

Photo credit: @veryserious

I'm pretty jealous, not just because Pleasure Cruise is a rarity in and of itself (*shakes fist* FOXXXX), but because, even though I lived in the Bay Area for three years, I never did make it down to The Stanford. I could blame that it it was a two hour drive from where I lived or the fact that their website looks like 2002 vomited into a hat, but, really, I just hadn't made time.

But that picture is awesome, and it's great to see Tobin's name in lights.  I will try and be on top of it for the ever-so-rare appearance of one of her films on the big screen in the future!